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AirMagnet Survey PRO

Configure Wireless Access Points from All the Top Vendors for Ideal WLAN Performance

airmagnet wifi access point deployment

Automatically Deploy & Configure WiFi Access Points

  • Access Point Simulation & Optimization
    Simulate scenarios to prevent costly repeat survey walks. Change AP transmit power, channel & SSID settings to preview the effects
  • Access Point Placement & Planning
    Analyze how moving APs to new locations or adding additional APs affects your WiFi site survey. Calculate ideal access point placements
  • Avoid Interference & Over-Allocation
    Measure interference impact on wireless APs & view areas of AP overlap, taking into account environmental noise
  • WiFi Network Heat Maps
    Generate coverage & performance heat maps across & between floors. Supports outdoor surveys as well
  • AP Vendor Antenna Designs
    Choose from over 300 of the most popular antenna patterns on the market for customizing APs, including Cisco, Aruba and Ruckus Wireless. Our custom antenna creator allows users to replicate the characteristics of literally any available antenna
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