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When Laptops Drop Packets...

optivew xg packet capture
OptiView XG
Laptop with Wireshark

The Packet Capture Question

At What Point Do Laptops Drop Packets?

It is a known fact that laptops running packet analysis software, such as Wireshark, have their limitations. At some point in time, laptops will begin to drop packets. In contrast, a hardware designed specifically for packet capture and network analysis can capture a rare event with greater accuracy.

The Packet Capture Test

Traffic was fired at a Laptop running Wireshark to find out when the Laptop would begin to drop packets. Traffic was generated using NETSCOUT's OptiView XG. An intermediate capture point was set up using another OptiView XG to capture and forward traffic at line rate to the Laptop. Having two capture points ensured that the traffic we expected to see at Capture Point B was indeed being collected first at Capture Point A.

Lab Configuration Diagram

packet capture lab
Traffic Generator
Capture Point A
Capture Point B

Test Settings

Laptop Specs 16 Gig RAM/I7 Quad-Core Running Wireshark
Traffic Types Broadcast/Multicast/Single Destination
Line Rates 1GB/100MB/50MB/25MB per Second
Frame Size 213 Bytes
Frames Sent 100,000

Presenter: Chris Greer

Title: Network Analyst
Company: Packet Pioneer LLC
Webinar: Laptops Drop Packets

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