Wi-Fi has become a ubiquitous term for the wireless networks we use every day. The work that the Wi-Fi Alliance is doing to ensure interoperability of all these devices is an important piece of that success.

When choosing what equipment to deploy, be sure to take a look at what certifications your wireless equipment has. You can use the Wi-Fi Alliance website as a good resource for understanding what certifications are available and how they may apply to your deployment.

In addition to what you’re deploying, look at what other specifications and features are currently offered by Wi-Fi. With the rise of BYOD and the ever increasing number of devices a mobile worker is carrying, many of these consumer focused features are finding their way into your enterprise network. While your wireless deployment may never plan to deploy Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct, understanding what these standards are and what implications they have for your network is a good way to be prepared should devices show up.