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Troubleshooting Intermittent Problems

Troubleshooting Intermittent Problems

When intermittent problems occur, most IT professionals turn to packet capture to diagnose the problem. The OptiView analyzers make it easy to troubleshoot intermittent problems with advanced triggering and filtering to capture the traffic before, after or around the event occurrence and ensures the event is captured the first time to avoid doing random traffic captures that may not contain anything of interest. To capture a specific event the analyzer must inspect the contents of each packet to see if it matches a pattern or error message string which is indicative of the event occurring. The string matching is performed in hardware in real–time with linerate gigabit capture to ensure all the relevant packets are captured — after all, you can't analyze packets that were never captured. 合計 8 セットのトリガーあるいはフィルターを定義することで、解析を後回しにする無人キャプチャーのトリガーが可能なため、時間のあるときや、イベントが起きていないときでも解析することができます。


If you highlight the device and select the Filter button, you will be provided with a screen that looks like the one in Figure 39.

図 39: Setting Up a Filter



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