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AirMagnet Survey PRO

WiFi Network Planning Software To Build Wireless Networks From The Ground Up

airmagnet wifi planning software

Predictive WiFi Planning & Designing

  • Floor Plan For Your Wireless Environment
    Map out a detailed model of any wireless environment. Simply load in a map of the location and customize for your settings. Plan around cubicles and walls, and account for building materials to improve wireless signal quality
  • Sophisticated WLAN Modeling
    Users have full control of the proposed wireless infrastructure. They can add APs to any location and experiment to find the ideal AP placement for their environment and requirements
  • Know Where To Place WiFi Access Points
    Automatically calculate the optimal quantity, placement and configuration of APs required to optimize performance and minimize interference. Reuse the services of APs to lower equipment deployment costs by observing signal bleed
  • Access Point Quality of Service (QOS)
    Simulate environment changes to verify if a single AP can satisfy capacity requirements. Calculate the maximum number of clients that should associate with an AP based on its total throughput
  • Custom Antenna Design
    Choose from over 300 of the most popular antenna patterns on the market for customizing APs, including Cisco, Aruba and Ruckus Wireless. Users can replicate the characteristics of literally any available antenna
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