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AirMagnet Survey PRO

WiFi Mapper to Design WLAN for Optimal Performance

airmagnet wifi mapping sofware

Accurate Wireless Mapping Software

  • Coverage & Performance WLAN maps
    Visualize wireless network maps for signal, noise, WLAN throughput, PHY data rates, retry rates, and packet losses at any location
  • Wireless Channel Overlap maps
    Measuring the primary and secondary channel overlap enables users to mitigate channel interference to maximize the performance of 802.11ac networks
  • Wireless Network Access Point maps
    Visualize coverage and performance of your primary and backup access points on one WLAN map
  • Voice over WiFi (VoFi) Coverage maps
    WiFi network maps that are built specifically for voice networks, including, WiMOS score or call quality, allow users to design the voice network to ensure high performance
  • RF Interference & WiFi Signal Maps
    Users can map the RF energy at any location and identify devices interfering with the WLAN
これは、過去にキャプチャーされたトレース・ファイルに基づく、表示のみのデモです。本製品のすべての機能が使える評価版または詳細情報については、408-585-6400(方法1:営業)(米国/カナダ)または 978-320-2150(その他の地域)までお電話いただくか、 までメールください。[email protected]


動画:The Different WiFi Heatmap Types
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