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Wi-Fi ネットワーク・セキュリティの監査方法

The importance of Wi-Fi within organizations goes beyond performance.Without secure Wi-Fi the business is in a place of risk, and vulnerable to the following and more:

  • Accidental leakage of confidential data/intellectual property
  • Theft of data and financial loss
  • Damage from unsecure rogue devices

To avoid such risk, IT and network teams must have visibility and control of the Wi-Fi network.有能な Wi-Fi テスターを使用して定期的なウォークスルーを行うことで、IT 運用チームは Wi-Fi ネットワークの管理・記録、受信範囲の完全性の検証、不正デバイスの検出を簡単に行え、是正措置を取ることができます。

Download this app note to see how taking simple steps to conduct a walkthrough of your organization’s Wi-Fi can significantly improve the security of the network.



AirCheck G2 無線ネットワーク・テスター
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