Borderless Enterprise Playbook(ボーダーレス・エンタープライズ・プレイブック) | フルーク・ネットワークス

The Borderless Enterprise Playbook(ボーダーレス・エンタープライズ・プレイブック)


Today's network infrastructure looks a lot different. Cloud services, a more demanding workforce and the expectation of anywhere, anytime availability are the new normal. Your network has left the building, but unfortunately your accountability didn't go with it.

Use this playbook to:

  • Understand the challenges and uncover where current approaches fall short.
  • Approach problems from the perspective of the end-user
  • Establish a collaborative partnership between IT and line of business leaders
  • Learn what you need to manage and monitor your borderless enterprise

Addtional Resources

Borderless Enterprise Performance Application Visibility Scorecard Self-Check Application Performance

注記:Scorecards launch directly into powerpoint. For pdfs, download full playbook above.

For more information visit our Borderless Enterprise Resource Center

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