The Next Generation of Network Management? | フルーク・ネットワークス



このホワイトペーパーは、2 部構成シリーズの第 2 部です。The first paper Why Network Engineering Needs to Change acknowledged the usual dynamic nature of change in IT and it addressed some changes underway that have significant impact on network engineering.

このホワイトペーパーでは、これら変化がネットワーク管理の従来のアプローチにどのように影響を与えているか、またどのような弱点を明るみにするかについて焦点を当てていきます。It describes the key characteristics of an emerging approach to network management, compares the traditional role of a network engineer to the emerging role and provides a series of questions that network leaders and their direct reports can use to assess their organization’s readiness for network management in this decade and beyond.







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