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ケーススタディ:ベルギーの連邦公共サービスが、TruView でトラブルシューティングのストレスと不明瞭さを軽減



Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety, and Environment (FPS Health)



Public Health Services






ベルギーの連邦公共サービス:健康・食物連鎖の安全及び環境(FPS Health)は、ベルギー全国民の健康を支え、安全な食物連鎖とより良い環境を全国的に提供するため、透明性のある科学に基いた政策を立てることに尽力しています。、FPS Health では、組織の明確なミッションや業務ニーズに対応するため、組織内でアプリケーションを開発しているものの、パフォーマンス問題は必ず発生します。これらの問題は、たとえどんなに軽微なものであっても、最重要ビジネス・アプリケーションが複数の統合されたデータ・ソースで構成されているため、トラブルシューティングが困難でした。




FPS Health は、IT の課題に取り組み、テクニカル・サポートの問い合わせに伴う不明瞭さを解消するために、TruView を採用しました。TruView はネットワーク・パフォーマンスの解析を実施しながら結果を時間相関させるため、ネットワーク・エンジニアリングやアプリケーション開発チームなどの部門横断的な IT チームは、責任のなすり合いなしに、以前より協力的に取り組み、かつ迅速に問題解決を行えるようになりました。



TruView™ from NETSCOUT

"It was very important that we find a solution that allowed us to visualize the network and measure its latency as we had no means to do that before.With TruView, the effort is centralized with a dashboard that tells us whether the problem is database, application, or network related so we can assign accountability and get to a solution faster."– Nico Verlinden, Attaché Networking and Communication at FPS Health


ベルギーの連邦公共サービス:健康・食物連鎖の安全及び環境(FPS Health)は、ベルギー全国民の健康を支え、安全な食物連鎖とより良い環境を全国的に提供するため、透明性のある科学に基いた政策を立てることに尽力しています。、

FPS Health consists of several internal management organizations, along with four vertical organizations (Health Care Facilities Organization; Primary Health Care and Crisis Management; Animals, Plants, and Foodstuffs; and Environment) and three scientific organizations (Center for Veterinary and Agrochemical Research, Scientific Institute of Public Health, and Superior Health Council).These organizations employ approximately 1,350 people, with the majority located at its central operations in Brussels and a smaller group spread across 13 regional operation centers.


FPS Health では、組織の明確なミッションや業務ニーズに対応するため、組織内でアプリケーションを開発しているものの、For example, it developed a patient-tracking and management application to help doctors report on the country's overarching health status.The data housed within these applications are critical to Belgian healthcare officials, as evidenced by the spike in incoming technical support calls immediately after any network, application, or database outage.

"It’s amazing how fast the calls come in whenever there is a network or application problem," said Nico Verlinden, Attaché Networking and Communication at FPS Health."Everyone wants to know why the data are not available and how long it will take to restore access.Since these are often high-ranking officials, we need to provide an answer and a solution – but, we don’t always know what that answer is."

Application and network issues would inevitably arise within the FPS Health infrastructure.These issues, no matter how minor, were hard to troubleshoot since each application integrates with multiple data sources.

“It did not take long for tensions to rise amongst the FPS Health IT team, with separate teams dedicated to the network, application, and database environments,” said Verlinden.“Finger pointing became the norm for most troubleshooting efforts.”


FPS Health evaluated multiple network monitoring solutions to improve network and application troubleshooting efforts and ease the tension between teams.After working closely with Belgacom Group, the region’s largest telecom and communications integrator, TruView™ from NETSCOUT was selected and deployed.

TruView is a unified application and network performance monitoring and troubleshooting appliance that leverages key data sets to present performance analytics through a single reporting interface.This interface was a deciding factor for FPS Health because of its visual depiction of performance issues, highlighting when and where problems occurred.

"The ability to see across our network and monitor each node along with all applications and databases is of great benefit,” said Verlinden.“It helps us immediately identify the problem’s root cause so we can bring in the appropriate service team to solve the issue.There is no chance for finger pointing or tension, thanks to the TruView solution."

As TruView processes network performance analytics, it time-correlates the results, which helps cross-functional IT teams—such as network engineering and application development teams—work more collaboratively and solve problems faster than before.


FPS Health deployed TruView with help from Belgacom, and the team eliminated finger pointing within the FPS Health IT department.What’s more, the solution also resolved the ambiguity associated with technical support calls.Verlinden and the network team can now reassure high-ranking officials that the problem has been isolated and a repair is imminent.

"TruView has forever changed the way we monitor and troubleshoot network and performance issues," said Verlinden."Deployment was rather simple, but did require quite a bit of time to configure since our applications are so complex.But once we got it up and running, the results were almost immediate."

Before TruView, the team had to monitor individual network, application, and database environments to identify which specific system was the root cause of performance issues.The associated team would then have to troubleshoot the issue further to find a solution.

"It was very important that we find a solution that allowed us to visualize the network and measure its latency as we had no means to do that before,” said Verlinden.“With TruView, the effort is centralized with a dashboard that tells us whether the problem is database, application, or network related so we can assign accountability and get to a solution faster."

TruView monitors more than the FPS Health internal network and applications.The solution provides ongoing monitoring for external and third-party applications as well.TruView can easily pinpoint problems, letting FPS Health know if the issue lies internally or with the external application provider.

For example, FPS Health used TruView to troubleshoot a third-party application that was performing slowly over its VPN connection.The application used specific protocols for querying data from multiple sources.TruView was used to review all data transactions – one after another.In each transaction, data took no more than 30 milliseconds to process.Some of the files, however, exceeded 15 MB in size.These larger data calls required several minutes to process over the VPN.Because FPS Health could isolate the specific data call culprits, the system could be optimized to solve the issue quickly and effectively.

"TruView came through, just as planned," said Verlinden."It’s a clean interface with a lot of customization and functionality possibilities.We are still finding new ways to improve our operations with TruView from NETSCOUT."

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