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Tech Buyers say NETSCOUT TruView Provides Visibility for Improving Network and App Performance
Guest writing on our blog this week is Ariel Lindenfeld, director of Community Management at IT Central Station, a leading product review site for enterprise technology buyers. IT Central Station provides a platform that offers product information from real users that is current, objective, and relevant.

IT Central Station is like Yelp or TripAdvisor for tech solutions, but unlike other review sites, all of our reviewers are strictly validated to ensure that each review is authentic and based on a real user's experience. We enable knowledgeable experts, including real users and independent consultants, to share their expertise in a high-quality community of decision makers.

Choosing the best monitoring solution for your organization can be a complex journey. We created IT Central Station to enable users to easily share information with each other in order to make the right buying decision. It's an exciting platform, which provides valuable information to enterprise tech buyers. Tech professionals use IT Central Station to connect with other real users, ask questions, and read validated reviews of enterprise solutions.

Reviewers of TruView on IT Central Station discuss why they chose to implement TruView and the results that they’ve seen. Several of these users explain that they needed a solution to provide visibility into their networks and apps in order to enable them to improve performance. Others explain that it enables them to address issues quickly and has changed how they are able to react to issues when they arise.

TruView users from diverse industries weigh in on IT Central Station:
A network team lead at a logistics company with 500-5000 employees says: “TruView provides visibility into our network, applications, and databases from a single solution so we don’t waste time unnecessarily pinpointing where issues originate.”

Kurt Carlson, a network engineer at a energy-utilities company writes: “With a team of just three engineers and a network spanning the country, we required a solution that provided support for each location’s specific data centers, servers and storage without requiring a vast amount of engineering support… With [TruView] we are able to identify, test and resolve issues across LAN, WAN or Cloud environments and across multiple data centers.”

A SVP Director of Network Services at a financial institution adds: “We saw the benefits of using TruView within days, as it was able to identify some unexpected disk-to-disk replication that was causing a network slowdown. In another case, TruView helped to uncover storage replication traffic between three branch offices that was also affecting network performance.”


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