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If a Drone Is Lurking in Your Airspace, DTU Has You Covered

Over the last couple years, drones have been capturing news headlines. From wars overseas, to airborne Amazon deliveries, to the most recent trend of drones flying through 4th of July firework celebrations (which was very cool), drones are simultaneously capturing our imagination and infringing on our personal space at alarming rates. For example, you may have recently read the Los Angeles Times story about the Seattle woman who claimed a drone was spying on her at home.

Whether shooting commercials, helping law enforcement track criminals, or being prepped to deliver mail and pizzas, drones will have a significant impact on our society. While there are many positive benefits, it does also raise serious privacy and security concerns, both personally and to business.

Most drones are equipped to stream live video and snap photos. We’ve already seen how this can impact one’s personal space. But, what can a drone do in the hands of a cyber criminal that’s looking to gain access to a business network, or launch a cyber attack? The answer: a lot. If you’re wireless intrusion prevention or detection system can’t tell you when a drone is in range of your sensors, you’re at risk.

Consider this example. Imagine a hacker attaching a rogue access point (AP) to a drone,then flying in proximity of a wireless network and performing a wireless scan or wireless denial of service (DoS) attack. Sounds crazy, right, but it’s possible. Or, what about a hacker tapping into an enterprise WLAN from an AP-enabled drone, and stealing critical data, like passwords or customer credit card information. This can all be done remotely and the drone is the bridge.

Society is just beginning to understand the impact drone technology can have on everyday life – the good and the bad. To help businesses ensure they don’t fall victim to a hacker with a drone, NETSCOUT’ AirMagnet team has just released a new Dynamic Threat Update (DTU) feature for AirMagnet Enterprise. This new update – AR Drone Wireless Communication Detected – can detect when a drone is flying in or around AirMagnet Enterprise’s wireless sensors. It then alerts the wireless team so they can block the drone and protect critical data.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s lurking in your airspace, or as part of your job, are responsible for ensuring your airspace doesn’t become an attack vector, AirMagnet Enterprise offers complete visibility and control over your wireless networks. 企業規模のセキュリティを探している場合でも、無線の展開のトラブルシューティングや最適化を必要としている場合でも、専門的な Wi-Fi 侵入防止とネットワーク・モニタリングのパワーを確認するのは今をおいて他にありません。

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