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Take Off the Application and Network Performance Blinders with Newly Integrated TruView and OptiView XG

by Doug Roberts

今日の IT は、アプリケーション中心的のサービス志向オペレーションへ徐々に移行しているため、パフォーマンスの監視および管理技術において、アプリケーション・アウェアネスの必要性が急激に高まっています。End-user expectations have also risen sharply in line with their use of smart devices, mobile applications and streaming media.エンドユーザーは、どのような問題も「ネットワーク」のせいにする可能性があるものの、実際は別のところに問題が存在することがあります。

Network engineers need visibility across networks and applications to deliver optimal performance and meet end-user demands.This need for visibility led NETSCOUT to integrate our award-winning TruView and OptiView XG solutions.

This expanded solution is the industry’s first application-aware network performance management (Network and Application Performance Monitoring) solution capable of analyzing performance across the entire enterprise infrastructure via a single interface, including wireless.Not only can network engineers quickly identify if a problem exists, they can also isolate where in the delivery path the problem may be hiding and effectively troubleshoot it, no matter where it occurs.

Integrating the OptiView XG network analysis tablet extends the reach TruView, providing network engineers with a unified view of wired and wireless performance across the entire organization, including remote sites and applications delivered across cloud, carrier and enterprise networks—all the way to a specific user’s device.The result reduces frustration while increasing ROI through true end-to-end network and application performance monitoring across the entire enterprise.

The TruView/OptiView XG integration provides professionals with the tools necessary to manage the growing complexity of enterprise networks and applications.

Only NETSCOUT delivers unfailing visibility across the entire enterprise infrastructure.For the first time, organizations can benefit from a fully centralized Network and Application Performance Monitoring option that delivers detailed local visibility into wired and wireless networks.

Integration of TruView with OptiView XG provides comprehensive visibility of application and network performance from anywhere within the enterprise – wired/wireless, fixed/portable, 1G/10G; a complete end-to-end solution.



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