Streamline Application and Network Performance Monitoring


Streamline Application and Network Performance Monitoring with TruView Plugin for the New Relic Platform
D. Roberts

Great news for fans and users of New Relic: NETSCOUT has created a plugin that integrates the TruView™ performance appliance into the newly released New Relic Platform. The TruView plugin for New Relic is an agent that takes key data-center network infrastructure, and application performance information collected by TruView and delivers that data into a New Relic dashboard.

Getting TruView data is simple and easy, just search for TruView once logged into the New Relic Platform and add the plugin!

The TruView Plugin provides key troubleshooting information to IT support organizations that are responsible for the application run-time and the application infrastructure. While the troubleshooting combination of New Relic and TruView suits any on-premise applications, the integration is especially useful for Application Support, Dev Ops, and Network Support teams that manage hybrid-cloud applications to help them more quickly pinpoint performance impairments that exist outside of their respective domains.

The Plugin consists of a data collection agent and a custom dashboard in New Relic. The data collection agent pulls data out of TruView via TruView Connex, a RESTful API that provides programmatic access to all the information collected by TruView. The agent then pushes the TruView data into the New Relic dashboard where it can be viewed by New Relic users.


While New Relic is focused on the application run-time, TruView is focused on the interaction with the network. It passively analyzes network traffic to make inferences on application performance impairments. In addition to application response time measured from a network perspective TruView provides TCP/IP metrics, such as the number of retransmissions, resets, and out-of-order packets, data rates, and usage for every application running on the network. It also analyzes and records every application transaction, each of which you can view the request and response. TruView collects NetFlow data that can help you understand the correlation of network impairment on application performance. While doing this TruView records the packet data at line rate so that you can load it into your favorite protocol analyzer for deep diagnostic troubleshooting.

For more information on TruView (including case studies, info graphics and more) visit our product page.

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